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What attendees are saying

This certainly beats Vegas, that’s for sure. There’s a lot of conferences you can choose to go to and this one has great content, it’s a great environment and nice place to be. It was a good perspective from different people and how they all look at the challenges and problems in digital technology from different angles from small business to enterprise and everything in between.

Ammon Fife, Group Director Analytics

Prior to coming to the conference, I was familiar with some of the names and some of the terminology they were using but it didn’t do it justice until I was here, to hear their take on it and actually see their presentations. The networking opportunities at TECHSPO At Sea were just amazing, simply because well everyone is stuck on a cruise ship so not only during the conference but after the conference it’s really awesome to bump into the same people and in a more leisurely way and really relax with them, possibly go on a Shore Excursions which I think Is awesome, the networking opportunities are vast.

Jacob Curtis, Owner

One of the things I like about this conference, I find I don’t take enough time out for myself and this way I was able to learn and take a really cool business trip and relax so it was really the ultimate putting these things together, the business and the pleasure. I like that very much

Mark Schaefer, Executive Director

Going to a traditional conference is great, and there are a lot out there but to have it at a different venue and a different setting I think bring a fairly different energy and different dynamic that I think everyone should attempt.

Lisa Apolinski, Chief Executive Officer

The setup of this conference was excellent, it’s very intimate, you can engage with the speakers and really get your questions answered and being in touch with real professionals.

Leilani Santos, Vice President

Very informative, knowledgeable speakers and great networking.Tremendous amount of knowledge in the sessions. Valuable for newbies and digital technology pro’s – Great Conference!

Sr. Digital Technology Manager

The TECHSPO Technology Expo brings together some of the greatest minds in digital technology and social media to interact, engage and learn from each other. I highly recommend it.

Chief Technology Officer

All the speakers were great. This is by far one of the best conferences I have been to for digital marketing.

The quality of the content and speakers were a huge draw. They gave practical tips that I can implement in my everyday work—not high level theory.

TECHSPO was an unbelievably enlightening conference. From the nonstop networking to the diverse courses offered, everything was accessible, professional, and went above and beyond my expectations. I continue to network with contacts I’ve made there and it has greatly impacted my approach to Digital Marketing. This was a perfect way to for a new conference-goer to feel welcome and inspired.

So much of what we do as web marketers is isolated and proprietary in nature, so it was an eye opener to visit and learn from the very best in the industry. Now that I’m back in the office, instead of what do I do?, it’s what should I do first? – Thanks to everyone at TECHSPO!

No one was aloof. The speakers were approachable. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Format of the conference was very good.

TECHSPO Technology Expo was a blast from the get go. It is the best way to keep abreast of all the latest developments in our ever-dynamic digital technology field.

It’s fun. Love the heavy concentration on networking. Love the vibe. Yours is a wonderfully upbeat and sharing community. There are very few dull moments.

TECHSPO is a great digital technology conference, covering all aspects of the digital space. I recommend it to any one serious about technology on the web.

TECHSPO was a strategically, well planned conference that provided a wealth of information from the novice to the expert Digital Technology enthusiast. It was a refreshing experience to attend a conference and leave with innumerable tools and information that I could use when I got back to work.

I thought everything was amazing! I learned a ton and met some really awesome people. I think it was the perfect mix of education and networking.