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Why sponsor, exhibit or advertise at TECHSPO events?

The chances are, if you’re reading this it’s likely because you have some (or all) of the following objectives:

    1.  Elevate brand awareness
    2.  Meet senior decision makers and influencers from North America who have a responsibility for product design, development, management, and technology
    3.  Generate leads and develop long-lasting, prosperous relationships with your target market
    4.  Highlight your solutions, technologies, expertise and know-how to the industry
    5.  Connect with highly targeted, relevant professionals in a practical, applied and fun environment
    6.  Set yourself apart from the competition

Here’s a little more about our attendees:

Our team has built and nurtured vast professional networks of high-level connections in this sector over a period of almost a decade. All technology expos have been intensively researched with our technology industry database which now totals in excess of 500,000 contacts worldwide, with over 1,000 hours invested in the research and production phase across the portfolio, ensuring that the agenda covers the latest developments and opportunities within this sector and thus attracts the most relevant and specifically targeted delegates. In short, TECHSPO is positioned as the premium platform of technology expos globally for professionals working in the digital technology space, looking for solutions, ideas, tips, techniques and hacks in order to further develop their product offerings.

We have over 15 years experience in designing, creating, activating and delivering high-value Sponsorship and Exhibition (SpEx) solutions at over 150 B2B events across the globe. Our approach is to adopt a consultative and highly strategic, partnership-based methodology in working with our clients. Our objective is to grow our event portfolio in a reasoned, rational, realistic and above all client-centric manner. Key to this is understanding your company’s objectives so we can design tailored, bespoke packages in line with what you need to achieve from our technology expos and to ensure we continue to deliver the highest level of service and value you deserve in supporting our portfolio through sponsorship. Contact us today to explore sponsorship, exhibiting and advertising opportunities in more detail and we’ll be delighted to help.

Sponsorship Inquiries

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