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What is an Onboard Expense Account (Seapass®)? How does it work?

An Onboard Expense Account, also known as your Seapass® onboard account, is the cashless system used for all onboard purchases and services.

The account may be set-up with either a credt card or as a cash account. You may establish a master account and add guests from your stateroom or another stateroom as authorized purchasers on your account.

For each purchase made onboard the ship you will receive a receipt at the point of sale. A final statement will be delivered to your stateroom on the final morning of your cruise vacation for your review.

Guests that set up a Seapass account with a credit card should verify the statement. If all purchases are correct, they will automatically be billed to the credit card.

Guests on a cash account will need to settle their statement onboard prior to disembarking. The ship will provide you with specific details.

The final charge for my SeaPass® was in a different currency. Why is that?

Our SeaPass onboard statement system places the final charge to your credit or debit card in the same currency that your reservation was made, unless otherwise specified. Additionally, some banks utilize what is termed Dynamic Currency Conversion in order to convert foreign purchases into your card’s issued currency. For more information regarding Dynamic Currency Conversion and if your credit or debit card uses this service, please contact your bank. Royal Caribbean does not process refunds for Dynamic Currency Conversion fees.

What is the currency conversion service?

Royal Caribbean generally bills onboard charges in US Dollars. We offer a service for our guests to bill their onboard charges in their local currency (rather than in US Dollars). This service uses highly visible, market-driven exchange rates so that there is full transparency and you know exactly what your charges will be in your home currency at the end of the voyage. The exchange rate used, as well as your total charges, will be printed on your final SeaPass® onboard statement before you leave the vessel.

By electing to bill your card in your home currency, you will not be charged any additional fees by your credit card issuer. Royal Caribbean will apply a one-time international currency exchange fee of 3% which will be included in the final SeaPass® onboard statement amount.

What credit cards are eligible for the currency conversion program?

Currently only MasterCard and Visa are eligible. All other card types are not eligible.

Are all currencies eligible for the currency conversion program?

No. Royal Caribbean currently supports the following currencies:
Australian Dollar (AUD
Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Swiss Franc (CHF)
Danish Krone (DKK)
British Pounds (GBP)
The Euro (EUR)
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
Japanese Yen (JPY)
Mexican Peso (MXN)
Norwegian Krone (NOK)
Swedish Krona (SEK)

When and where do I authorize Royal Caribbean to convert my onboard charges instead of my bank?

Authorization for participation in the currency conversion program can be selected during online check-in (on the bottom of the SetSail® Pass), but the final authorization is made at the port during the pre-cruise check-in.

Where does Royal Caribbean get the foreign exchange rate they use?

Royal Caribbean uses daily market rates published by Bloomberg, a reputable, New York-based financial service company.

When is the foreign exchange rate set?

The foreign exchange rate is generally set on the last business day prior to debarkation.

The rates are set on Friday for a Sunday or Monday debarkation because the financial markets on foreign currency are closed on the weekend and do not update the conversion rates before Royal Caribbean prints the final total of onboard charges.

Is the foreign exchange rate better than what my bank will charge me?

Banks typically use foreign exchange rates set by Visa or MasterCard, but could set their own exchange rates. Royal Caribbean uses daily published Bloomberg market rates. The Bloomberg market rate is a highly visible rate used by many financial professionals; it is a very competitive rate and will generally be as good as or better than foreign exchange rates produced by other sources.

Will there be a fee for the currency conversion if it is done by Royal Caribbean? What is it?

Yes, we charge a 3% international currency exchange fee for the service. The fee is applied to your total onboard charges at the end of the cruise.

Will the international currency exchange fee be better for me than what my bank will charge me?

Most banks will also charge an international currency exchange fee. There are a limited number of credit cards offered by banks that have low fees, and in a few instances the foreign transaction fees are waived (0%).

Royal Caribbean’s fee is very similar to most credit cards, but it is not guaranteed to be lower.

Can I change my selection later on during the cruise?

No. Unfortunately, once the selection to enroll or not enroll in the currency conversion program has been made, our systems do not permit us to change it.

Do I have to make a selection before getting onboard?

Yes, the onboard systems do not allow for changes to the currency conversion selection. Please opt in to the currency conversion program during the Online Check-In process or at the port of embarkation.

Is there currency conversion surcharge included in all foreign currency exchanges that take place onboard?

Yes, a currency conversion surcharge* will be included in all onboard foreign currency exchange rates for sailings beginning on or after October 1st, 2013.

*Surcharge subject to change.

Is the foreign exchange rate better than what my bank will charge me?

Foreign exchange rates continually fluctuate throughout the day. It is the guests responsibility to understand how competitive the rates are to make the best decision.

When is the foreign exchange rate set?

The foreign exchange rate is set at the beginning of each cruise.

Where does Royal Caribbean get the foreign exchange rate they use?

Royal Caribbean uses rates provided by Bank of America which includes our currency conversion surcharge. Bank of America is also the source of the currency onboard.

How much is the currency conversion surcharge?

As of October 1, 2013, the fee is about 3% of the rate schedule provided to us by Bank of America, but is subject to change without notice.

Will Union Pay be available fleet wide?

At this time, this service is only available onboard Mariner and Voyager of the Seas.


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